About The Deck 

The Archangels Of Love Oracle deck by Dreams of Tarot is one of action, inspiration, and deep introspection. This oracle deck includes 83 jumbo cards containing channeled messages from 6 of the Archangels including: Raphael, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Ariel, Raziel and Gabriel. The messages channeled in this deck encourage you to take divinely inspired action under Angelic guidance. Zadkiel may lead you to deal with past life traumas, Gabriel may invite you to dive into dream work and dream interpretation, Ariel will inspire you to assert and honor your personal truth, Raphael may suggest a Mental Health Day, and Chamuel may encourage you to take a leap of faith with your spouse or potential life partner.

This deck works as a direct portal of communication between you and the Archangels by aiding you in discovering the wisdom of the Angelic realm. Using this oracle deck will heighten your ability to discern the Angelic presence at work in your life while bringing solace to conflict, peace to chaos, and resolve to your everyday problems. The Angels are calling for more people to work with them. While working with this deck, you'll find that the Angels prompt you to take divinely inspired action to better your life. This deck isn't intended for reading purposes only, you will find yourself being more in tune with the Divine Guidance the Angels send forth as you go where they lead.

If you are interested in developing a deeper connection with the Angelic realm and learning to communicate with them, then this is the deck for you! Easy, direct, and straightforward.

Great for beginner and advanced readers! Can be used for oracle guidance and/or daily devotion. 

The Archangels


Angel of Healing & Health
Archangel Raphael promotes and assists with healing in areas pertaining to health, trauma, pain, and wounds. 


Angel of Benevolence
Archangel Zadkiel aids in forgiveness and compassion. This Archangel helps to bring forth understanding & positivity. 


Angel of Love & Relationships
Archangel Chamuel oversees Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationships. This Archangel also assists you with living your life purpose. 


Angel of Nature and Elementals 
Archangel Ariel works in nature and assists with activism, campaigns, and fighting for group and individual rights. 


Angel of Divine Communication 
Archangel Gabriel oversees all  divine communication. This Archangel brings you spiritual messages and prophetic guidance. 


Angel of Divine Mysteries
Archangel Raziel assists with bringing insight into the Divine mysteries of God. Raziel aids psychics, spiritualist, and mystics. 


Preview Of Messages 


No, this oracle deck is very straight forward. No booklet is necessary. 

The deadline to place your pre-order is March 31, 2020. Decks are expected to be shipped out in April. Alerts and follow-ups will be sent via e-mail. For additional questions and inquiries please email

This deck has 83 cards total - including two blank cards for you to add your own inspired messages. 

You may cancel your pre-order and choose not to receive your deck. However, a refund will NOT be issued. Instead, you will receive store credit toward another purchase. 

The oracle deck comes shrink wrapped.

You will be charged when you place your order.